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What women carry in their purses is one of the most interesting things to me.  I’ve read several articles about what women should carry.  As women, we are so used to being prepared for any emergency.  Maybe we have been passively groomed to meet everyone’s needs.  Really?  Are we responsible for meeting the needs of everyone who we thinks needs us? You mean to tell me that my worth as a woman, mother and wife is based on that?  Depending on how we live, especially mothers, we would carry the kitchen sink with us….you know, just in case.  I sometimes think that women value themselves by their ability to have everything….you know, just in case.

I find that women love large handbags and that’s cool.  I like them too…..I love purses!  I guess that’s a given, huh?!  But that doesn’t mean that you have to carry so many items in it that it doubles as “free weights.” As you get older, you will begin to feel the effects of having carried too much.

I challenge you guys to at least once a week, just carry a small purse that carries about five items. Or maybe do it for the weekends. I find that when I carry too much stuff, what do I do? Spend a heck of alot of time looking for what I needed. Free yourself…detach…and trust the Universe to give you just what you need at all times.

Handbag Essentials – keys, cell phone, lipstick, hand-sani, femi product, wallet with cash and ID (license, medical card), mints/gum

Water – find a fountain.

Wipes – find a bathroom.

Ink Pen (messy) – put info in your cell phone

Sunglasses – keep them in the car, put them on your head

I’m just sayin’


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