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Happy New Year everyone! While visiting my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, I had the pleasure of shopping at Charming Charlie, which is located at Legacy Village. If you love accessories, like I do, you’ll love this place. Why am I promoting someone else’s business, why not? I am more than a designer, I am someone who studies the industry of fashion and wants to advise you of my finds. You know, like Oprah’s favorites. Charming Charlie has been in existence since 2004 and is a private company. They have about 94 stores around the country and are continuing to open more locations.

When I walked into the store, the first thing that I noticed was the multitude of Chandeliers that hung from the ceiling! (Love them!) The store is well lit, spacious, and organized by color! How convenient! They sell jewelry, purses, wallets, shoes, tops, coats, ink pens, hair accessories, scarves, photo albums, and several other types of accessories. They even have a section for little girls. The best part of all is that everything was reasonably priced. You could find a pair of earrings for as little as $4.00. I felt as though you could find some items that you’d find in a place like Claire’s but also at a high-end boutique.

Charming Charlie is opening up all over the country, so please visit their website to find out if and/or when a location is opening near you. And plan to stay for a little while because their inventory is massive and you’re not gonna want to leave any stone unturned.


Comments on: "Charming Charlie – A Great Concept in a Retail Accessory Store" (1)

  1. Janeen Lininger said:

    I love your store, went on my birthday and bought myself a lovley little silver bag with rinestones and couldnt wait to wear it across my new wool peacoat out every woman asked where I got it and couldnt wait to tell them, I live in Pa so I told them about shopping online, your prices are the best!!! thats why my family in Freehold shops there all the time but Jan 9th was my first visit, I do have a problem with the survey site, I typed my code under the bar code on my recipt 5 times and it wouldnt work,0009603008806010911, it keeps saying I made an error but i know I typed it in right so I wanted to take the survey to maybe get a coupon but cant so im telling you this way about how much I enjoyed your store and cant wait to visit again! thanks

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