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Here is some guidance to have a build a wardrobe that is today and always!

1. Accessorize in brights. If you’ve got a closet full of neutrals, you can work wonders with stylish and colorful shoes, scarves and handbags.

2. Keep plenty of white button-downs. Nothing can play up a pair of jeans or flared skirt like a crisp, clean shirt. Just make sure that you have a few because they don’t stay white for long.

3. Show skin with some thought. Leave some mystery to your decision to bare a part of you. And know your body, being sure to show off your best assets.

4. You can never go wrong with a nude pump. Try to own one pair that matches your skin tone. They will also make your legs look longer.

5. Every woman needs one leopard staple. It’s timeless and glamourous.

6. Make a statement with a great coat. This is a must-splurge. Depending on what part of the country that you live in, you will be wearing a coat a majority of the year.

7. Own some studs. They go with everything…real or fake.

8. Carry a scarf. It’s such an easy way to dress up an outfit. Keep one in your purse.







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