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Turban-tied scarves were in this summer, and they are still in for the fall. The fashion runways were showing them in a multitude of forms. Even Beyonce is sporting them in a few of her more recent promotional pics. There’s nothing really new about them. Women and men have been tying their hair in scarves for centuries. Enjoy this trend! There’s so many ways to rock it!

Here’s the basic instrutions:

Before you start, tie your hair in a bun or ponytail. Fold a large square scarf in half into a triangle. Lay the scarf on your head with the center point of the triangle facing forward and the sides hanging down each of your shoulders. Making sure most of your hair is covered, grasp the length of each side and bring them to the top of your head, twisting twice to create a “knot”.

Once you’ve twisted the ends twice into a knot, bring both sides together to the back of your head and tie it tight. Tuck all your loose ends under the back and front of the turban.

Voila, you’ve just made a turban! You can also create a turban-like headband using a rectangular scarf by repeating the same steps without covering all of your hair. Don’t forget the double twist and happy wrapping!

Here’s a video of one of my favorite natural bloggers is showing you how she did it:


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