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Wanna Stay Young? Learn from these 82 year-olds who give Back!!!

Watch this video about two twin sisters who are still giving back at 82 years olds…..this is how you stay young!!!!

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Twin sisters in Knoxville,Tennessee are making an impact on a community by providing food to the homeless for 25 years, through a project they co-founded called ‘Love Kitchen’. Ellen Turner and Helen Ashe, are 82-year-old retirees that began the ‘Love Kitchen’ in the basement of a church in 1986. They are as committed as ever to make sure no one goes without the very essentials of life. The foundation is a charity which nourishes what they call, ‘5 Hs’.

“And thats the hungry, the homeless, the helpless, the hopeless, and the homebound”, says younger sister Helen Ashe.

After they graduated high school in the segregated south, they worked as nurses in a segregated hospital. “They had one floor there at the hospital, the third floor, for black patients,” says Ellen Turner. It was their time with the needy and destitute people in the hospital that inspired them to open the ‘Love Kitchen’.

When the charity opened its doors, it provided 22 meals on the first day, as opposed to the 2,000 a week provided today. In addition to providing hot meals, the charity provides free groceries to individuals, as well as delivery for those physically unable to make it to the charity grounds. The charity survives on donations and generosity.

“We give love, and that’s why we call it the love kitchen.”

Source:; NBC Nightly news


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