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“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle

Gain confidence in your appearance by knowing how to dress in a way that makes you look your best.  Check out this advice on wearing pants that fit.



“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle.


Fathers and Sons: Ice Cube & Rev. Run

You know, I grew up when Hip-Hop was born. I love it and it’s a part of who I am. I think that Rap gets a Bad Rap but when you see a legacy being passed down, it makes a statement about how misguided society is about a thriving, influential culture. If you’re present in your sons lives, Fathers, teach them a skill…..whatever that skill is. Most of all, they will remember that you were present…..

I Love My Hair!!!

How wonderful it was of Sesame Street to create this song. If you have a daughter who has naturally curly hair, please show this to her. It is important for our children to embrace their authenticity and it happens when they see themselves beautiful!

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