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Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks is announcing some big changes –

There are some changes taking place with Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks! It’s time! Chief Creative Officer, Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks has combined her magazine and store into one website, It is simply an easier to way to get everything, Nilaja in one location.

Another big change is exclusively selling, one-of-kind or exclusive collection….that’s right, when you see something that you absolutely love, you better grab it! Yes, you may be the only one with that item..or very few will be produced.

The decision to change the way the retail business is maintained also has to do with Cheryl’s music endeavors…she is working very hard in the studio to bring us another creative side of herself: music.

You can keep up with the latest on her music endeavors at


Some know Cheryl Brooks as a Designer….she is a singer too!


Since 2003, designer Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks has devoted her time to being a wife, mother and owner of Nilaja, LLC. But before all of these other titles came into delightful existence, Cheryl was involved in singing and songwriting for herself and others in NYC. Unable to stay away from her First Love any longer, Cheryl is currently working on her first independent CD, entitled, My First Love… fitting. Read all about Cheryl’s life in the music industry. It is quite diverse!

Coming in 2012… about love, life and the pursuit of happiness.

Stay abreast of the progress of Cheryl’s CD:
Facebook: Cheryl (music/band)
Cheryl on Reverbnation
Cheryl on myspace

stereomood – emotional internet radio – music for my mood and activities – StumbleUpon


How cool is this music lovers: selecting music that best suits your mood.  Check it out!




stereomood – emotional internet radio – music for my mood and activities – StumbleUpon.



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