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Vogue Japan November 2011 features Nyasha Matohondze

The Japanese November issue of Vogue features model, Nyasha Matohondze! She is absolutely gorgeous and makes these clothes look even better with her in them! The designs are bold eccentric and remind me of the 80s. They are bold, feminine, color and beautiful!


Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks is announcing some big changes –

There are some changes taking place with Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks! It’s time! Chief Creative Officer, Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks has combined her magazine and store into one website, It is simply an easier to way to get everything, Nilaja in one location.

Another big change is exclusively selling, one-of-kind or exclusive collection….that’s right, when you see something that you absolutely love, you better grab it! Yes, you may be the only one with that item..or very few will be produced.

The decision to change the way the retail business is maintained also has to do with Cheryl’s music endeavors…she is working very hard in the studio to bring us another creative side of herself: music.

You can keep up with the latest on her music endeavors at

The Many Ways to Rock a Scarf!

I just love scarves! You can have a ball wearing them! They come in so many styles and you can do soooo much with them. It is one of the least expensive and easiet ways to dress up and outfit.

So with fall officially here, have fun and play dress up!

















The Herringbone Pattern – One of the hottest fall trends this season!

The herringbone pattern is a hugely popular trend this fall. You can find it on dishes, pillows, laptop cases…….you name it! The Missoni line in target stores is selling out online and in stores. Personally, it is just nice to see designers embracing patterns this season. My advice is to buy lots of it, if you love it, but don’t wear it from head to toe, unless you’re in the second grade!

I have a skirt and top that I bought years ago, and a headband…………that is all I plan to wear! I am saving up my money for Black Friday!

















Hot this fall!

Color, maxi dresses, shoes!


Rainwear: It Can Be Fashionable!

Rainwear: You can still be fashionable

Well, without a doubt, we are having quite a rainy spring in North America. However, that is not a reason to have a boring list of choices to choose from your closet. In fact, the trend of wearing wellies has made rainy weather a lot more fun for many women. I have personally have worn my black and white polka dot rainboots so much over the last ten years that I finally need a new pair.

Here are my suggestions for must-haves:

A Quality Umbrella
Yeah, there are a ton of umbrellas to choose from but it is important to dress how you live. After losing lots of umbrellas, I would strongly suggest owning more than one. Keep a big one in the car and put a small one in your purse. You just never know when you’re going to need it. I would also make a purchase from a reputable company who offers a warranty with their umbrella. For example, Calvin Klein will replace a broken umbrella.

A Classic Trench Coat/Rain Coat
Trench Coats never really go out of style. It just make sense to have one that goes with everything for a long time. Depending on where you live, you may only get to use one for a few months. If you do like something trendy, cool! But get it from some place like H&M or Target in some fun print.

Due to the popularity of these shoes, you can find them everywhere. A decent pair may only cost you $20.00. You may find lots of uses for them too like: gardening, snow and maybe cleaning.

Rain Scarves or Hats
I know how women are about their hair! And if you’re getting all dressed up to go to a formal event, keeping your hairstyle in tact is important. Your hair doesn’t always stay dry with an umbrella or hooded coat. Try a rain scarf instead.

Stay dry and look fabulous too!

Beyonce in the Crystal Louboutin Pumps! OMG! Those are hot!

Have you seen these new-day Cinderella Slippers? Well really, they are from the Louboutin Spring Collection. They are called Daffodile! OMG! Those are Crystals all over the shoe with the gotta-have red bottom! Gotta have some!

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