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Bored with your wardrobe? Have a swap party!

Well it’s Spring and it’s time to switch up a few things in your closet. If financing a new wardrobe for the Spring is an issue, have a Swap Party with your girlfriends! Swap Parties are the latest trend in getting some new clothing or accessories without spending a dime. And for some of us, just another excuse to have a party and socialize! So go through your closet and select the items that you have fallen out of love with or maybe are too big because you stuck to your guns all during the winter season and shedded some unwanted pounds! Please make sure that they are clean and in good condition, have plenty of food and drinks and start swapping!

To really make the party one where you don’t have to return home with things that you don’t want: donate to a charity like Dress for Success.



Make a guest list for your swishing party. Try to include several groups of like-size people.

Ask your guests to bring at least one item but more if possible. Ask them to not limit their choices to clothing. Accessories, shoes, handbags, unused makeup or anything fashionable. Books and videos on makeup application, color or fashion choices are also good ideas.

Set guidelines on the quality of the fashion-swap items. Ask them to bring up-to-date fashions that are clean and in good condition.

Prepare a fitting room. Someone may want to try on an article of clothing before choosing to swap.

Keep it fair so one person doesn’t leave with an armload and another empty handed. One idea is to have them draw numbers, and select an item when their number is called. If someone else wants the item they’ve chosen, then they can object and try to make a deal with her. If someone brought three items, then they would have three choices.

Separate the clothing and accessories as your guests arrive into categories, such as value, type and size.


Inexpensive Ways to Create a Jewelry Tree

My free wine rack turned into a jewelry tree….

Okay. It’s a known fact by the people who know me well that I have lots of earrings! It’s important to keep your jewelry well-organized because you won’t know what you have already or what you need to buy for a particular occasion.

While visiting my cousin, I noticed that she had her earrings hung so nicely! I thought, man, I wish I had kept the backings to all of my earrings. So, when I got home, I went onto and ordered earring hanging cards. I got 100 of them for $12.00. Then, I remember that I had a wine rack in storage. I got the wine rack for free from one of those websites where people are simply trying to get rid of stuff. I have so much room that I can hang my necklaces too. I can’t recall the website because it was a while ago. You can google, bing, etc. and find one in your local area.

In conclusion, I realize that I don’t need any more blue earrings! The best part of my new jewelry tree is that it’s cute, roomy, and it was free. (Well, almost!) I can hang up to 160 pairs of earrings!!!! I better start shopping!!

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