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Inexpensive Ways to Create a Jewelry Tree

My free wine rack turned into a jewelry tree….

Okay. It’s a known fact by the people who know me well that I have lots of earrings! It’s important to keep your jewelry well-organized because you won’t know what you have already or what you need to buy for a particular occasion.

While visiting my cousin, I noticed that she had her earrings hung so nicely! I thought, man, I wish I had kept the backings to all of my earrings. So, when I got home, I went onto and ordered earring hanging cards. I got 100 of them for $12.00. Then, I remember that I had a wine rack in storage. I got the wine rack for free from one of those websites where people are simply trying to get rid of stuff. I have so much room that I can hang my necklaces too. I can’t recall the website because it was a while ago. You can google, bing, etc. and find one in your local area.

In conclusion, I realize that I don’t need any more blue earrings! The best part of my new jewelry tree is that it’s cute, roomy, and it was free. (Well, almost!) I can hang up to 160 pairs of earrings!!!! I better start shopping!!


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