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Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks is announcing some big changes –

There are some changes taking place with Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks! It’s time! Chief Creative Officer, Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks has combined her magazine and store into one website, It is simply an easier to way to get everything, Nilaja in one location.

Another big change is exclusively selling, one-of-kind or exclusive collection….that’s right, when you see something that you absolutely love, you better grab it! Yes, you may be the only one with that item..or very few will be produced.

The decision to change the way the retail business is maintained also has to do with Cheryl’s music endeavors…she is working very hard in the studio to bring us another creative side of herself: music.

You can keep up with the latest on her music endeavors at


Bus Stop Has the hautest Shoes in Philly


Tucked away in the middle of Philadelphia’s Fabric Row is Bus Stop. Bus Stop is a women’s shoe boutique owned by London-born Elena Brennan. Every where that I turned, I saw one unique and take-a-second-look piece of footwear. Bus Stop even carries vegan shoes. Elena carries shoes and boots from UK designers such as Fly London, J Shoes, TOMS and more.

So if you’re in the downtown Philly area and are looking for some shoes that will make all of your BFFs jealous….you would want to visit Bus Stop. Or you can shop online. These shoes are an investment…a keepsake….worth every penny! And the decor is fun and the music is funky!


It’s Spanx today…it was once, Corsets!

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you having fun shopping this season? I have not seen great retail prices like I have this year…it’s unbelievable. Anyway, I just recently came across a website that provides the history of
corsets! There’s nothing really new in fashion, it just simply continues to evolve.

At, you can take a guided tour through the last 250 years of corsetry and undersupports.
The Antique Corset Gallery timeline arranges the last two and a half centuries of corsetry into logical stages. Each stage invites you to examine the shape, fabric, colour and construction of that era.

Please select an era and enjoy your visit!

How to get the best-shaped eyebrows…

Brows can truly give your face such simple definition. One to-do make up thing for me is to get my eyebrows shaped. If I am in a hurry, I feel confident in having gloss, mascara and well-groomed eyebrows. Here’s some tips on how to have the best shape for yours:

For rounder faces like Rachel Bilson:
It’s best to keep brows on the full side, and keep the ‘tail’ on the shorter side. Too long a brow will only accentuate the width of your face, and too short will make your face look wider, so start by gently plucking the ‘tail’ end. The higher the arch the better, and you can cheat this look with a sweep of brow powder, such as Vanitymark’s Ultra Brow Powder.

For rectangle faces like Blake Lively:
The key here is to soften angles. Full brows will make your face will look too squared off; too thin and you’ll be giving too much ‘face.’ Keep the brows tidy, but defined. Make sure you have a well shaped ‘tail’ to anchor the eyes and balance a strong jaw line. Keep that arch high to add roundness and femininity. You can help tame unruly brows with a light brow glaze or gel.

For long/thin faces like Kristen Stewart:
Delicate features dictate delicate brows. The most common mistake is making the brows too thin which gives the face a weak, low-watt look. Keep the brow on the subtle side by making sure they are not too dark. Use a lighter, pencil to powder fill in, such as Vanitymark’s Ultra Brow Pencil fill, so the hairs are darker than the shade you are enhancing them with. If your brow hairs are ample, keep them trimmed to tone down ‘girth’, using small scissors.

For bold features like Camilla Belle:
Large eyes, strong cheekbones, prominent nose or all of the above? You definitely want to make sure brows pack impact, too. Go bold with your shape by creating high arch using tweezers and a brow pencil for shape. Be care not to tweeze too short or too thin. You want a fuller brow to balance. Definition is your friend when you want to highlight front row, exotic features.

source: Teen Vogue online

Spring Sunglasses


Check out Fashionista’s take on sunglasses for Spring!


Spring Sunglasses: We Break Down The Trends – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice.

Inexpensive Ways to Create a Jewelry Tree

My free wine rack turned into a jewelry tree….

Okay. It’s a known fact by the people who know me well that I have lots of earrings! It’s important to keep your jewelry well-organized because you won’t know what you have already or what you need to buy for a particular occasion.

While visiting my cousin, I noticed that she had her earrings hung so nicely! I thought, man, I wish I had kept the backings to all of my earrings. So, when I got home, I went onto and ordered earring hanging cards. I got 100 of them for $12.00. Then, I remember that I had a wine rack in storage. I got the wine rack for free from one of those websites where people are simply trying to get rid of stuff. I have so much room that I can hang my necklaces too. I can’t recall the website because it was a while ago. You can google, bing, etc. and find one in your local area.

In conclusion, I realize that I don’t need any more blue earrings! The best part of my new jewelry tree is that it’s cute, roomy, and it was free. (Well, almost!) I can hang up to 160 pairs of earrings!!!! I better start shopping!!

“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle

Gain confidence in your appearance by knowing how to dress in a way that makes you look your best.  Check out this advice on wearing pants that fit.



“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle.

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