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Cool ways to Wear Denim in the fall & winter!!!


Denim in the Winter..



Of course I can’t resist sharing an article with you that illustrates the many ways in which denim is a staple in every closet, all year round.  Thanks Denim Therapy.


My favorite is number 5.


Denim Therapy » Jack Frost Might Bite, but He Can’t Cheat Us Out of Our Denim!:.


Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks is personalizing handbags for Christmas!

During this Christmas season, you can get your own name on the Nilaja Flagship Handbag! Get up to seven letters or characters for $65.00.  Orders will be taken from October 5th until December 5th.  To purchase, go to Once you select this bag, put the name that you want on your bag in the space that says, “Who referred you to our website?” Allow two weeks for delivery.

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