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The Herringbone Pattern – One of the hottest fall trends this season!

The herringbone pattern is a hugely popular trend this fall. You can find it on dishes, pillows, laptop cases…….you name it! The Missoni line in target stores is selling out online and in stores. Personally, it is just nice to see designers embracing patterns this season. My advice is to buy lots of it, if you love it, but don’t wear it from head to toe, unless you’re in the second grade!

I have a skirt and top that I bought years ago, and a headband…………that is all I plan to wear! I am saving up my money for Black Friday!


















Jumpsuits! One of my favorite Spring Fashion Trends….

Well, Spring is certainly in the air and I am excited. I am loving a lot of the trends that are in this season from stripes to drapes to cuffs! However, I love jumpsuits! I always have…when I was just four years old I constantly asked my mother to let me wear this canary yellow jumpsuit with flowers going down one of the legs! I made myself a red and purple trimmed jumpsuit in high school….loved it! Wore it to death! I had a cute denim jumpsuit about ten years ago that I bought in the Village of NYC….I should have kept that one. The back was out and it was so comfy and edgy!

Jumpsuits can be really feminine and sexy and easy to dress up…so go shopping and try a few on. I think that I’ll go for one with really wide legs and maybe elastic at the bottom of the pants leg. Here’s a few for inspiration:

Fall 2010 fashion trends: Autumn / Winter 2010 > Fashion Trends By Year > Blog

Well, although we are having quite a heatwave around the country, fall is just around the corner.  I am definitely a person who enjoys warm weather but I so love fall for the fashion!  I simply love sweaters, boots and capes!  What I like about fashion is that you decide whether or not you will go with a trend or do you your own thing.  Fashion is personal and your sense of style should reflect how you choose to define you.

The Fashion Weeks around the world have shown many “repeat” of trends from last year and new and interesting looks for this season.  Take a look at fashionising’s blogs.  My favorites are capes, knee-high tights and boots.

Fall 2010 fashion trends: Autumn / Winter 2010 > Fashion Trends By Year > Blog.

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