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Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks is announcing some big changes –

There are some changes taking place with Nilaja by Cheryl Brooks! It’s time! Chief Creative Officer, Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks has combined her magazine and store into one website, It is simply an easier to way to get everything, Nilaja in one location.

Another big change is exclusively selling, one-of-kind or exclusive collection….that’s right, when you see something that you absolutely love, you better grab it! Yes, you may be the only one with that item..or very few will be produced.

The decision to change the way the retail business is maintained also has to do with Cheryl’s music endeavors…she is working very hard in the studio to bring us another creative side of herself: music.

You can keep up with the latest on her music endeavors at


nilaja by cheryl brooks is on Etsy

Cheryl has officially opened shop on the world’s largest online handmade store, Etsy.  Cheryl Brooks has made a name for herself selling greeting cards and handbags to celebrities such as Venus Williams, Kanye West and Angela Bassett.  This season, you will begin to notice the line of accessories expanding into more jewelry and even scarves.

You will still want to check the Nilaja boutique because there will be items on the because there will be different sales taking place and sometimes even specialty items that vary.



nilaja by cheryl brooks by nilajabycherylbrooks on Etsy.

Versace Spring Collection 2011

Need some inspiration for shopping for your Spring pieces? Get inspired by checking out Versace’s Spring Collection 2011! Feminine, bold, bright and beautiful!

It’s Spanx today…it was once, Corsets!

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you having fun shopping this season? I have not seen great retail prices like I have this year…it’s unbelievable. Anyway, I just recently came across a website that provides the history of
corsets! There’s nothing really new in fashion, it just simply continues to evolve.

At, you can take a guided tour through the last 250 years of corsetry and undersupports.
The Antique Corset Gallery timeline arranges the last two and a half centuries of corsetry into logical stages. Each stage invites you to examine the shape, fabric, colour and construction of that era.

Please select an era and enjoy your visit!

“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle

Gain confidence in your appearance by knowing how to dress in a way that makes you look your best.  Check out this advice on wearing pants that fit.



“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle.



Brooklyn Fashion Week Ad...


BROOKLYN FASHION WEEK – A Brooklyn based & Virtual Show and Trade program, helping Independent Designers and in Fashion & Home, connect to Buyers, Boutiques, Shoppers, Bloggers & Press and Fans!.

Kelis finds a new career in modeling..

Kelis has signed a modeling contract with London’s Next Modeling agency. Check out these recent photos she took for London’s Wonderland Magazine.

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