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I love Hats! On this photo, you see me wearing a hat that I got at a vintage store. One of the first fashion items that Coco Chanel brought to the market place was hats. During the time that she hit the fashion scene, most designers were making their hat designs much larger. Chanel made hats that were smaller and made use of straw and woven patterns. Women of the days of old love spending money on a well-made hat. A hat says so much about you in quite effortless and interesting ways.

During the upcoming royal wedding, I so look forward to watching the ladies show up to see the Prince marry Kate! Talk about nice hats! The British know how to steal the show!

Here’s a few reason why you should keep hats in your arsenal of accessories:

1. Hats can take care of the “Bad Hair” Day problem. It’s a good thing to have when you’re in a rush or it starts raining.

2. Hats work better than sunscreen. Forgot that sunscreen? Grab your hat. Keeps you cool and protects your hair too…not just your skin.

3. You can truly make a statement with a hat.

4. Hats are a conversation piece.

Here’s just a couple of styles of Vintage Hat’s that caught my eye:


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