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Does your daughter want to dress too grown for her age?

Remember when you were growing up?  Little girls looked like little girls!  More and more, I see teenage girls looking more like grown women.  The fashion industry now caters to what the media portrays as “age-appropriate” buy designing alot of clothes that are simply to revealing, too mature for young girls.  There was no way growing up that my mother would let me even walk into a Victoria’s Secret store, or wear anything that would show alot of cleavage. Nowadays, I find myself shopping in the juniors’ section because the clothes are sometimes cuter than in the women’s section.  What’s wrong with that picture when it is the female Baby Boomers that have the most residual income in America?

And let’s keep it real too.  You are the parent…are you teaching your daughters values?  Are you setting an example?  Are you allowing them to wear whatever they want?  I went through a phase… my twenties where I was not making modest choices in clothing.  Becoming a wife and mother to a son, especially, made me see that my son would make choices in women somewhat based on how he saw me.  I never want to be one of those mothers whose son is embarrassed because of the way his mother dressed.

The article shown below is great….I hope that you will find some of the suggestions useful.  We have the power to change the world, instead of allowing the world to dictate how we see ourselves.

Teaching Your Daughters to Value Modesty « Power to Change.


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