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Rainwear: It Can Be Fashionable!

Rainwear: You can still be fashionable

Well, without a doubt, we are having quite a rainy spring in North America. However, that is not a reason to have a boring list of choices to choose from your closet. In fact, the trend of wearing wellies has made rainy weather a lot more fun for many women. I have personally have worn my black and white polka dot rainboots so much over the last ten years that I finally need a new pair.

Here are my suggestions for must-haves:

A Quality Umbrella
Yeah, there are a ton of umbrellas to choose from but it is important to dress how you live. After losing lots of umbrellas, I would strongly suggest owning more than one. Keep a big one in the car and put a small one in your purse. You just never know when you’re going to need it. I would also make a purchase from a reputable company who offers a warranty with their umbrella. For example, Calvin Klein will replace a broken umbrella.

A Classic Trench Coat/Rain Coat
Trench Coats never really go out of style. It just make sense to have one that goes with everything for a long time. Depending on where you live, you may only get to use one for a few months. If you do like something trendy, cool! But get it from some place like H&M or Target in some fun print.

Due to the popularity of these shoes, you can find them everywhere. A decent pair may only cost you $20.00. You may find lots of uses for them too like: gardening, snow and maybe cleaning.

Rain Scarves or Hats
I know how women are about their hair! And if you’re getting all dressed up to go to a formal event, keeping your hairstyle in tact is important. Your hair doesn’t always stay dry with an umbrella or hooded coat. Try a rain scarf instead.

Stay dry and look fabulous too!


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