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Jumpsuits! One of my favorite Spring Fashion Trends….

Well, Spring is certainly in the air and I am excited. I am loving a lot of the trends that are in this season from stripes to drapes to cuffs! However, I love jumpsuits! I always have…when I was just four years old I constantly asked my mother to let me wear this canary yellow jumpsuit with flowers going down one of the legs! I made myself a red and purple trimmed jumpsuit in high school….loved it! Wore it to death! I had a cute denim jumpsuit about ten years ago that I bought in the Village of NYC….I should have kept that one. The back was out and it was so comfy and edgy!

Jumpsuits can be really feminine and sexy and easy to dress up…so go shopping and try a few on. I think that I’ll go for one with really wide legs and maybe elastic at the bottom of the pants leg. Here’s a few for inspiration:


“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle

Gain confidence in your appearance by knowing how to dress in a way that makes you look your best.  Check out this advice on wearing pants that fit.



“Find Me Pants That Fit!” – Everyday Style – Your Look – MSN Lifestyle.

Eyes on the Prize | Design That Does Good –

Design is great.  We are always looking for stylish, innovative products but read the link below to hear about designers who have created good products for the good….now that’s good!


Eyes on the Prize | Design That Does Good –

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